2.- Name of the Institution

Unidad de Políticas e Información Estratégica/MAGA Guatemala

3.- Institutional Level

Government Institution

4.- Role of the Institution

  Unit responsible for the design of sectoral development policies and plans, as well as generating timely strategic information for the public and private sectors and the international community involved in activities that further agriculture, forestry and the development of hydrobiological sustenance.

5.- Objectives of the institution as to its information

Development of information for the entire agricultural sector

6.- Operational structure of the information area
  • One Area Coordinator.
• One Head of Economical and Trade Information.
• One Agricultural Statistic Supervisor.
• One Departmental Production Supervisor.
• One Departmental Production Assistant.
• Three researchers for agricultural product prices in the wholesale markets of the Nation’s capital.
• One Secretary.
• One Information Center.

7.- Specific activities that they carry out
  Development of crop reports and the preparation of agricultural surveys by means of compiling information on prices of agricultural and hydrobiological products. Compiling and generating of reports on different production and consumption variables. Development of production cost reports, the main information seekers in the domestic realm being the Policy and Planning Areas, as well as the Central Units of the MAGA. In the foreign arena, information requests come from other levels of the public and private sectors.

8.- Internet
  The homepage of the MAGA website includes two directories, one of them horizontally displaying the MAGA Board, Links, Information held by each of the Units and Projects of the MAGA, a Guest Book, Software and Web Master.
The vertical directory includes all of the Units and decentralized entities of the MAGA, and describes the Legal Framework, Mission, Objective, Organization Chart, as well as the information handled by each Unit.

9.- Publications
  Technical documents generated by the different units of the MAGA, with no set frequency.

10.- Customer Service Center
  INFOAGRO (Agricultural Information Center) is located at: Edificio INFOAGRO 7ª. Avenida 12-90 zona 13, City of Guatemala.

11.- Address
  For the general public: ; ; ;

12.- MIOA Delegates
  Erika Ruano de Merida
Coordinadora Area de Información
Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganaderia y Alimentacion

Hiram Pineda
Encargado de Información de Mercados
Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganaderia y Alimentacion

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